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Madox Air Sports was established in The Gambia in 1996 as a Microlight Training School. Today it’s an Aero Club aiming to give Madox pilots and flying enthusiasts an opportunity to fly while on holiday in The Gambia.

Over the years Madox has introduced sport flying to thousands of holiday makers who have booked a trial flight while on holiday and taken to the skies over the beautiful country.  Many tourist have returned to train with Madox and now fly all over the World.

The diverse flying experience offered in The Gambia coupled with the advantage of cheaper costs continues to attract Madox pilots and flying enthusiasts to return.  Flying in West Africa is  a great experience and a nice enjoyable way to keep your privileges current during the cold winter months in the UK.

Flying in The Gambia is unique as Madox operators from Banjul International Airport which has a 3.6 Km long runway and is only 12 Km from the beautiful smiling coast.  The airport is generally quiet during the morning hours and early afternoon which is great for flying.  Air Traffic Control are very professional but equally very warm, friendly and exceptionally helpful like most Gambians which makes flying in The Gambia simply fantastic and a privilege.

Madox Air Sports has a number of aircraft to include; a Pegasus Quik 912S Flexwing Microlight, BRM Land Africa Citius 912S Fixwing Microlight, Cessna 172 and a Cessna 182.

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