An Opportunity to Give Back & Support Our Local Communities


We think it is important that people choose where to donate based on how they wish to help others the most. So, if you wish to help out, why not consider visiting The Gambia and take a flight to a local village off the normal beaten track tourist are taken and meet the warm, passionate and welcoming Gambians tourist never seen.

With Madox you have the opportunity to fly to a local village 100 miles upriver and land on dirt strip.  An opportunity to fly along the magnificent River Gambia and follow the route the Scottish Explorer, Mungo Park, took in 1795 as he ventured 200 miles up the River as part of his first stage of a long journey to the central portion of the Niger River.

Along the way you will have a view of The old Fort of James Island now re-named Kunta Kinteh Island located about 22miles upstream.  This was the last bit of African soil that many slaves saw before being transported in the bowels of transatlantic slave ships to the Americas. The local flight takes between 45-60 minutes and with so much to see, time is guaranteed to fly by and before you realize, it’s time to land and meet the villagers.

People living in poor communities have the same aspirations as those in more affluent places, they hope for the same chances and opportunities, good health care, clean running water and high-quality schools for their children but unfortunately their hopes and dreams don’t always become a reality.  This is why Madox is asking club members, flying enthusiasts and friends of Madox to consider helping out and contribute to making a significant, long-term difference in the lives of those we meet while flying in The Gambia.

For the cost of a weekends flying in the UK you can greatly enhance someone’s live in The Gambia.  The helping hand will be direct from yours to theirs.  NO CEO’s to pay, NO administrative staff to pay, NO middle men to pay, NO hidden charges and certainly NO one on the side waiting for their share of your well earned funds.  It’s very simple, ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING goes from you to them.  Madox will only facilitate the journey something we love doing as pilots and flying enthusiasts.

You may also monitor the help you are providing and appreciate the effect your donations are having or just stay in touch with the wonderful people of The Gambia directly via the internet or mobile communication.  There is 3G and even 4G mobile network coverage in most areas of The Gambia and you may even use Skype, Viber and WhatsApp which makes keeping in touch so much easier and a lot cheaper.



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